Wild Oceans

One of the recent collaboration I have become involved in is creating short 3-5 minute narrated clips for an online media company called Earth Touch News which specializes in wildlife and nature programming. The segments I am contributing go to a series they call “Wild Oceans” which is a collection of shorts which comprise of single dives on a single dive site.  So far I have uploaded videos about Citrus Ridge in Raja Ampat, Manta Alley in Komodo, and most recently Andiamo in Daram, Raja Ampat.  The gist of the video is to have the cameraman narrate what he sees over a dive so that the viewer has an idea of what he/she is seeing throughout the world.  It’s like having a back stage pass to all the world’s premiere dive sites in one handy location!

Here is my latest video on Andiamo

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