Adventures in Bali

USS Liberty WreckAs part of the Underwater Tribe, we offer a variety of Bali Dive Packages perfectly suited to everyone: from new divers looking for a taste of what diving in Bali is about, to the experienced underwater photographer looking for the wonderful critters that Bali is known for, we have a variety of pre-designed safaris to meet your needs. Don’t see a package that is right for you? Easy, just send us an email and we can custom tailor a safari to meet your needs. All of our packages can be booked as a short holiday, an add-on to an extended trip, or enjoyed as a full-on Bali Adventure!

Have a look at our Bali Diving and Adventure packages page for more information about diving in Bali.  We specialize in leading trips for experienced divers and photographers who are looking for pampering and personal attention with a relaxed yet professional diving style.

Don’t forget that we offer plenty of other adventures that can be included in our packages, send us an inquiry and we will tell you all about it!

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