Environmental Impact Photos

Over the years, I have seen a lot of damage done to reefs all throughout the Pacific, from huge storms to coral bleaching to crown of thorns starfish, and my least favourite: blatant destructive fishing by mankind.  Whenever I encounter damaged reefs it makes me both sad as well as angry, especially when I know the damage is being done by dynamite fishing.  This sort of destruction is especially prevalent in the Indo-Pacific, but it’s certainly not localized to that region as many areas of the world suffer from this and other forms of non-sustainable fishing practices. Shark finning is the big environmental cause these days and there is a lot of publicity for it (and for good reason as its an appalling practice) but there are other dire impacts happening out there that don’t see the same amount of publicity they deserve.  The atrocities being done to mantas (as well as other rays) and dynamite fishing are two issues that really need a lot more publicity in order to raise their profile with the public.  One of the ways to do this is to publicize the damage that such practices can inflict upon the underwater world.   This is the reason I am introducing a new gallery on my Photography site called Environmental Issues.  In the past, I have always included these images within other “geographical” galleries but now I think I should showcase the horrible things that we humans do to our planet.   Not all of the photos are from direct human impact, I will also include reefs damaged by typhoons etc in this gallery.  Sadly, this gallery will continue to grow as coral reefs the world over continue to dwindle due to the pressure we are putting on them.  On a brighter note, I will also add positive impact photos to this gallery as well when I am able to document people working to sustain the marine ecosystem.

The Gallery can be found here:  Environmental Issues

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