YouTube and Vimeo Channels

As many of you know, I have always done both underwater photography as well as underwater video.  For many years though, I have let my videos sort of “lapse” on my hard drives instead of sharing them into the public realm such as on YouTube or Vimeo.  I do actually have both a YouTube as well as a Vimeo channel and am now making more of an effort to upload content on to both of these outlets (it takes a while on my slow internet!)  Have a look at my channels below to see some work from both above and below the surface.  The YouTube videos are actually a link to my YouTube channel and all of my videos on there can be accessed by simply clicking on the Playlist drop down menu on the top left of the video and simply choose the video of your choice.

If you prefer to watch directly on the video sharing sites you can find my YouTube Channel Here or my Vimeo Channel Here


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